Why rent my property ?

Audiovisual, photo and event professionals are always looking for unique, original and atypical locations to carry out their projects. It is therefore thanks to you, the owners, that they will find their ideal place.

There are many advantages to renting your property:

  • Highly attractive income: 1500 to 5000€ per day of shooting for a house or apartment
  • To have your place as a movie set (participating in an audiovisual project)
  • Discover a unique and unusual world.
For more information, you can download our owner's guide

What types of locations are sought?

P.A.T offers several categories of locations:

  • Homes: House, apartment, loft, chalet,…
  • Vantage point: Seaside, rooftop views, vineyards,…
  • Surroundings: Water, mountain, forest, beach,…
  • Miscellaneous locations: Offices, warehouses, shops, hotels, swimming pools, garages,…

P.A.T is the international platform for scouting and filming locations, it is the ideal place to post your listing online.

To post your listing: It is mandatory to own the location
List your location
Steps to renting
1 - Creating an account
Choose the owner account (if you are an individual) or institutional account (if you are a business) and fill in your information
2 - Add your property
Fill in the information about your location : Type of location, surface area, number of rooms, price, pictures etc ...
3 - Validation of your property by P.A.T
P.A.T validates whether your property can be put online (photo verification and consistency of applied rates)
4 - Get additional services
You have the opportunity to call upon photographers, videographers and dronists to highlight your property.
5 - Your property raises the interest of producers
Producers and audiovisual professionals visit the fact sheet of your property. You have a reservation request !
6 - Talking with a producer
After receiving a reservation request, talk to the producer to agree on a date for a visit.
7 - Visit of the location
This is the first contact between the producer and your property! Several visits may be necessary to determine the feasibility of the project
8 - Signature of the agreement
If your property corresponds to the expectations of the producer, you sign a rental agreement
9 - Site report and Inventory upon entry
Conduct a site report and inventory with the producer (a model is available online)
10 - D-Day: Rental Period
You must make your property available as agreed in the rental agreement
11 - End of the project and exit site report and inventory
A site report and inventory is carried out and certifies the end of the rental period
12 - Your earnings
The project went well, the producer respected the agreement. P.A.T pays you the price of the rental