You are looking for a location for a shooting, photo shoot or event ?

P.A.T is the perfect solution for your location scouting:

  • Access an online catalogue listing a large number of locations with detailed descriptions
  • Take advantage of the geolocation system to find places around you
  • Exchange directly with the owner of the location thanks to the P.A.T. messaging system
  • Check the availability of the location instantly
  • Manage your reservations and payments online

What types of locations can you find on our platform ?

P.A.T propose plusieurs catégories de lieux :

  • Housing: House, flat, loft, chalet,...
  • Vintage point: Seaside, rooftop view, vineyards,...
  • Environment: Water, mountain, forest, beach,...
  • Miscellaneous locations:Offices, warehouses, shops, hotels, swimming pools, garages, gardens,...

P.A.T being the first international platform for location scouting and filming locations, it is the ideal place to find a location.

Find a location
Steps to renting
1 - Creating an account
Choose the Producer account and fill in your information
2 - Carry out your research
Find the ideal location for your project thanks to the geolocation system and multi-criteria search module.
3 - Make a reservation request
Make your reservation request and agree on a visit date with the owner.
4 - Visit of the location
Visit the location and talk to the owner to see if it meets your expectations.
5 - Acceptance of the quotation
If the location corresponds to your project, please accept the quotation initially proposed at the time of your reservation request.
6 - Signature of agreements with the owner
It is mandatory to sign a rental agreement with the owner
7 - Payment of the invoice
In order to finalize the reservation, you must proceed to the payment.
8 - An entry site report and inventory
Carry out a site report and inventory with the owner
9 - Reservation period
You have access to the location to carry out your project
10 - An exit site report and inventory and validation of compliance with the rental agreement
Carry out an exit site report and inventory and validate compliance with the rental agreement (the owner has made his location available as agreed)